Pajamas Are Everyday Wear

Why can't you wear your pajamas out?

Why are they only for bed or relaxing in your house?

We believe that PJ's should be worn anywhere. 

If you are like me and others, you are a Fed Up Mumma. 

A Fed Up Mumma is a woman who is run off her feet, needs to be out the door to get kids to school, get to work, run errands and more.

Oh and then off to collect kids from school, take them to after school activities and then home to get annoyed by the kids inaction to do anything they are asked or listen to you even after the millionth time you have asked or possible yelled for an item to be picked up or moved from the floor.

Your day as a busy mumma is only amplified by never getting to finish any task or get to do anything for you.

A Fed Up Mumma has created this much needed online shop for you, my darling amazing mumma. 

Who cares if you leave the house in your PJ's, the Fed Up Mumma PJ's will make you look awesome and no one will know you are secertely still in your jammies. 

Racing to and fro really means you have to be on top of what you need to wear and as a fellow mumma to three kids I love getting as much sleep as I can.

Due to prioritizing sleep I therefore end up doing the school run in my PJ's, so thought wouldn't it be great if the pajamas that I wore out didn't look like bed clothes even if they are. 


I have decided that some pajamas are too nice to not be seen. Let them live outside, let the outfits play outside in the daylight.

Ohhhh and it also helps a Fed Up Mumma leave the house quickly and also in comfort. 

Do you leave the house in your pajamas? If you do you are not alone. 

Check out our fab styles and grab yourself a few different outfits to switch up your pajama style. 

The ladies at school will never know..... we will keep your secret.

The Fed Up Mumma